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Queen Victoria visit to Castle Howard

This engraving illustrates the arrival of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Castle Howard Station in August 1850. Read the fully story about the Royal visit to Castle Howard on the History Timeline page.

Source: Illustrated London News


Train at Kirkham Priory

Next stop Castle Howard Station. This wonderful lithograph of a painting by Clough Taylor c. 1850 shows a train leaving nearby Kirkham Priory and following the River Derwent through the Vale of Kirkham. The scene is almost identical today.

Source: Private Collection



Castle Howard Station

Winter scene showing the frozen fountain which was an attractive feature at the station in the first half the century. Today a replica of this fountain stands on the opposite side of the track.

Source: Helena Lee Collection


Castle Howard Station

Appeared in an photo album by
W. Drisley and marked c1903

Source: Unknown



Castle Howard Station

Passengers waiting on Up platform for train to York in the early 1900's.

Source: Lens of Sutton


Castle Howard Station

A man (presumably, the Station Master) with his faithful dog.

Source: Unknown



Castle Howard Station

Although this photograph incorporates the imprint of 'Series 1935' the number of station staff in the picture suggests it may have been taken prior the closure to passenger traffic in 1930.

Source: J.F. Mallon



View from the south-west showing both platforms, the crossing and the signal box.

Source: Vic Fuller 1944


NER Fletcher 2-4-0 No. 910

NER Fletcher 2-4-0 No. 910 passing through Castle Howard Station with the Scarborough to Leeds train. This locomotive which was built between 1872-82 still exists today and is preserved by the National Railway Museum.

Source: Postcard - Photographer/Publisher unknown


Grand Yorkshire Gala

Original publicity handbill advertising the Grand Yorkshire Gala in York in June 1923. Train times and fares are shown from Castle Howard Station.


LNER Castle Howard

LNER leaflet promoting a Rail Motor Bus from York to Castle Howard on Easter Saturday in 1926.


Castle Howard Railway Station

A rare view from the direction of the River Derwent during the winter months in the early 1920's.

Source: Joan Elgey Collection



Scarborough Train

Scarborough bound train approaching Castle Howard Station. Now no longer in use by passengers, the booking office is fenced off and forms what was known as 'Platform Cottage'. It's evident from the hand truck on the York platform that the station still provides a service for parcels and light freight

Source: D. Thompson




Ghost Station

Almost ghostly in appearance this mysterious photograph illustrates that the station building's former glory days is starting to fade.

Source: Helena Lee Collection


Castle Howard Station

Photograph dated by railway historian Ken Hoole as being taken in June 1948.

Source: Ken Hoole Collection



Castle Howard Station

The award-winning gardens are no longer tended to and the station takes on a barren facade.

Source: National Railway Museum


Castle Howard Station

In this winter scene the signal box is still operational for occassional frieight traffic to the goods siding and dock.

Source: Ken Hoole Collection


B1 4-6-0 No. 61218

B1 4-6-0 No. 61218 from Leeds passes through Castle Howard Station towards Scarborough.

Source: Ken Hoole/Neville Stead Collection


Castle Howard Holiday Cottage

The former waiting shed on the (York) Up Platform is let as a holiday cottage from the early 1930's until the 1950's. The happy family from Sunderland shown here would have gone past the cottage by train and disembarked at nearby Malton to get the bus back.

Source: Ken Hoole Collection


A8 class 4-6-2T No. 69877

A8 class 4-6-2T Scarborough based locomotive No. 69877 seen here heading towards York with a special excursion train.

Source: Unknown


Castle Howard Train

British Railways publicity poster promoting visits to Castle Howard by train. Ironically since Castle Howard Station closed, passengers had to take the train to York or Malton and continue their journey by bus.


Castle Howard Station

A rare view of the loading dock and single siding – dated 1951. A single wagon is evidence of some light frieght movement during this period.

Source: Unknown


Castle Howard Station

New railway sleepers on the platform suggest some track laying activity in this 1950's photograph.



Castle Howard loading dock

Another view of the loading dock and siding looking towards York.

Source: Ken Hoole Collection


Locomotive No. 42073

Locomotive No. 42073 from Scarborough passes the waiting shed on the York bound platform.

Source: Unknown


York DMU

Diesel Multiple unit passing through Castle Howard Station bound for York in the summer of 1958.

Source: Richard Alder Collection


Jubilee Class

Jubilee class locamotove
No. 45573 passing through Castle Howard Station bound for Scarborough in the summer of 1958.

Source: Richard Alder Collection



B16/2 class locomotive

A class B16/2 locomotive (the last of which was scrapped in 1964) returning holiday makers from Scarborough. The first coach is in the 'blood and custard' livery that was being phased out around this time whilst the second coach is in the newer 'crimson lake' livery.



Distant signal set to clear

View beyond the station building showing the freight siding and the distant signal set 'clear' indicates that a Scarborough bound train was due shortly after this photograph was taken.



V2 2-6-2 No. 60842

5.30pm Scarborough to Swindon train passes Castle Howard Station on 29th July 1961 headed by V2 2-6-2 No. 60842

Source: PB Booth/Neville Stead Collection


Castle Howard Station

This photograph taken in August 1962 is one of the first to show the platform removed.

Source: K Taylor/Ken Hoole Collection



Felix Kelly Castle Howard

A painting of station by Felix Kelly was commisioned by the late Lord Howard in the 1970's. Just one of a series of capriccios depicting imaginary Vanbrugh buildings, which incorporate features from the Castle Howard estate.

Source: Castle Howard Collection


Railway to York

View along the track towards York shows where the platforms were removed over ten years prior in 1961. The photograph which was taken 26th August 1973 also shows that one of the tracks had been upgraded with concrete sleepers.

Source: M. A. King



Ariel view after the platforms were removed. The signal box however, was still there at the time of this photograph.

Source: Unknown


Signal Box

Taken prior demolition of the signal box in 1979. This photograph clearly shows the half round arched window frames that were salvaged and stored for many years before being incorporated into the new garage on the opposite side of the track.

Source: Mrs Collings Collection


York to Scarborough Signal Box

The last known photograph of the Castle Howard Station signal box. Whatever happened to the name plate that appears above the door in previous pictures?

Source: Mrs Collings Collection


York to Scarborough Signal Box

Demolition almost complete. The arched window frames carefully removed before the remaining section of brick wall is torn down.

Source: Mrs Collings Collection



Evening Star Scarborough Spa

On 10th July 1983 the Evening Star heads the Scarborough Spa Express as it passed Castle Howard Station. This, the last mainline steam locomotive build by British Railways was just one of many famous engines to make the run from York to Scarborough in recent years.

© Ray King


Castle Howard Station

In this west facing elevation view of the station the distinctive chimneys are clearly visible. The unusual chimney design successfully solved a problem of drawing smoke from the fires due to the building location in a valley.

Source: Unknown


Replacing Slate Roof

In order to protect and preserve the fabric of the building the major task of replacing the slate roof is undertaken with great care to match the original.

Source: Edmund Collins


Castle Howard Station

An arial photograph showing a new garage building on the right.

Source: Unknown



Castle Howard Station

A line-side view now with an established hedgerow where the former sliding was situated.

Source: Unknown



The new garage building was designed to utilise the arched window frames salvaged from the old signal box. Refer back to the photographs in the 1970s section.

Source: Unknown


John A Ives

A superb line illustration of Castle Howard Station by local artist John A Ives who created the artwork from it's most popular viewpoint.

Artist: John A Ives




Scarborough Spa

A rare photograph taken from a moving steam train passing the station as it heads towards Scarborough.

Source: Unknown



A man-made wildlife pond created close to the former sliding now blends in naturally with it's setting.

Source: Unknown


Castle Howard Fountain

2009 photograph showing a replica of the fountain and pond that can be seen in pictures from the early 1900's. The pond was originally on the other side of the tracks near the former signal box.

Source: Steve Serowka


Station near Castle Howard

2009 photograph of the main station house and Platform 1 accommodation adjoining.

Source: Steve Serowka