Vera Robinson MBE

A transcript of a letter written (07.03.10) and sent to the current owner of Station House. The letter provides an insight into a family holiday at Castle Howard Station during the 1950’s.

Vera Robinson Station Sign

Vera, husband, the two boys and Grandma.
Source: Vera Robinson Collection

To Edmund Collins

Here are the photographs which I have kept in my family holiday album.

Queen Victoria planned her visit well beforehand, as she wished to make a speech to as many local people that could be mustered. The subject of her speech is unknown, but it lasted over an hour. Before her visit, the long platform was built, in order to have as many people as possible. So this is the reason for the unusual long length.

When it was closed as a station, it was renovated as a weekly holiday apartment for six people. The stipulation to hiring it was you had to travel there by train and you had to buy 4 return tickets. Our family consisted of mother and father, 2 children (counted as one) and grandma.

On arrival a porter came to inspect everything was clean and a large wicker basket contained all the fresh bedding. I can remember him counting the cutlery and the pots and pans.

This was one of six railway apartments. We found them all very good, with freedom to do as we liked each day, at very little cost. We took most of our food and playthings for the boys. We explored the countryside.

Excuse the wobbly writing. I never learnt to type. 95 years old and still kept busy doing voluntary work. 80 years for the lifeboat and I’ve just published my twelfth book, and I have to cope with the freedom of the borough as well.

Yours sincerely

Vera Robinson


Station holiday apartment

Former waiting room at Castle Howard Station converted to a holiday apartment
Source: Vera Robinson Collection

1950's Railway Station

Castle Howard Station in the 1950's
Source: Vera Robinson Collection